This page is still not complete, as I only recently started pondering on this topic and doing some research. I decided to have this page available anyway because having somewhere to write about it motivates me to know and write more and I thought ‘something’ that’s in my head might help someone somewhere.

Since it is still at the research and ideation phase, this page merely curates relevant info primarily for my own purpose. There are not much I can really publish about my project at this moment because I have only secured a small den to turn into a makerspace. I intend to write the process of transformation on future blogs. I will update this page as anything new happens with this project!


The idea of connecting STEAM (mostly LEGO) and literacy / language learning originates from my master’s thesis research on technological and pedagogical supports to advance language and conceptual knowledge at the same time in one classroom.

I believe one class should focus on one primary topic; important skills and competencies such as literacy, logical and critical thinking, creativity etc. pervade across subject and can be fostered beyond subject boundaries. I was (and am) pursuing this research because of my hope there must be ways to maximize growth in these competency areas even when students are focused on developing knowledge in one subject in one class.

There are more I want to discuss further but stop here for now. I may write more about this on this site in the future.

Anyways I wrote a bit about my research but what I write here doesn’t contain any formal research I conduct at OISE; it is just a personal, casual project I started for my child(ren) and students. I will write more in a casual tone, and I hope my readers simply enjoy reading for their own purposes.

Initial Research

Toward creating my own LEGO, robotics, literacy, art (or more!) makerspace for little creators, I spent hours of research. In the process, I found how physical environment is critical for enhancing students’ learning experience and creativity. Here, I wrote some about physical set-ups with a particular focus on LEGO and second language learning.


Based on what I found on the web, I jotted down some initial ideas about how to use the space. What I definitely needed were:

  • LEGO building space
  • Robotics building space
  • Art / language space
  • Open space for a circle time
  • My desktop & device hub

Although there were a lot of ideas on how to DIY IKEA furniture for LEGO work desks, I’m not a DIY person and don’t have time to learn about how to DIY furniture or actually do so, I only cared how to arrange furniture to meet my needs and didn’t do anything beyond.

But still most furniture I use would be from IKEA – I love simplicity of their furniture and used furniture are easily accessible.


Initial Space

I recently moved to a new townhouse from a previous 2-bedroom condo, and now I got this small den as my office room, family karaoke room, AND makerspace.

I am still in the middle of figuring out what to add to this room and how to arrange things. But my daughter seems already happy with the way it is now. More updates to come!


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